Federal, state and local regulations require the ASCW to provide the following information to you prior to the day of surgery:

            1.  ASCW Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

            2.  ASCW Notice of Privacy Practices

            3.  ASCW Ownership Disclosure

            4.  Advanced Care Planning

            5.  Language Services

    Please review the above information (by clicking on each link) prior to your date of surgery.  If you have specific questions about the ASCW policies, you may discuss them with any of our staff members.  If you have specific questions about, or would like additional information regarding Advanced Care Planning, you may discuss these with

  1. Your Primary Care Physician

  2. Your Surgeon

  3. The Staff at the ASCW

    On the day of surgery during the registration process, you will be asked to sign an acknowledgement stating that you have received the above information prior to the date of your procedure.

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