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Information for Surgeons

    The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of fostering and sustaining strong relationships with surgeons to enhance a safe, efficient, cost-effective and enjoyable work environment at the Center.

Application for Membership and Privileges

    Please contact the Medical Staff Office at 914-244-6756 to request an application for initial appointment.


    The Center   

        The ASCW features an architectural design to enhance patient privacy, comfort and efficient flow from admission through discharge and includes:

  1. 4 operating rooms

  2. 1 procedure room

  3. 14 Preop and Recovery bays

  4. On-site sterilization of instrumentation

    Anesthesia Services

        The anesthesia services are provided by the anesthesiologists of Bedford Anesthesia. 

  1. All anesthesiologists are board certified and expert in ambulatory and regional anesthesia.

  2. Four of the anesthesiologists are fellowship-trained pediatric anesthesiologists.

  3. CRNAs are not utilized.

    Other Services

       Other services offered include

  1. Transcription for Preop H&P and Operative Note

  2. Pathology

  3. Radiology

Benefits to the Surgeon

    Maximize your efficiency

  1. Rapid turnover time between cases

  2. No emergency cases to cause OR delays

  3. Flexible daily OR schedule which is manipulated to maximize surgeon efficiency

  4. Simplified preoperative paperwork and laboratory work requirements

  5. Ease of scheduling cases

  6. Block times for high volume surgeons

  7. The Center’s OR Scheduler will work closely with your office staff to accommodate your needs

  8. Flexibility to schedule last-minute cases

  9. Board certified anesthesiologists expert in ambulatory and regional anesthesia

  10. Experienced OR and PACU Nursing staff

  11. Most of our OR nurses have at least 10-15 years experience in surgical services

  12. Many of our PACU nurses have critical care experience

  13. Transcriptions services are available for both

  14. Preoperative History and Physical Examination

  15. Operative Report

  16. Service-specific Patient Discharge Instructions are available

    Lessen the Workload of your Office Staff

  1. Cases may be easily scheduled via fax or telephone

  2. Pre-certifications may be done by the Center, at your request

  3. The Center’s staff will contact your patients to confirm arrival time